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As the backbone of most African economies and the livelihoods of the world’s poor, farmers are indeed, and always have been, agents of change. They just need a little encouragement, or the right types of supports and enabling environments. Favorable policies and regulatory frameworks that enable the use and penetration of mobile phone or internet usage in rural areas is a great start. Access to digital technology can make the distance between a remote farmer and the market even shorter than a straight line. Whereas many smallholders travel several hours by foot from most markets, mobile platforms can share market price information or connect farmers to buyers. In an instant and farmers can easily access necessary information related to good productivity.


Agriculture and Information Technology Ltd, is a company of professionals in agriculture and ICT created by some Agribusiness and computer& software engineering graduates. Upon completing their studies in University of Rwanda in two different colleges (College of Agriculture and Animal Sciences and College Science and Technology), they met and agreed to establish a company called AgrIT (Agriculture and Information Technology Ltd). The idea was generated by committed young entrepreneurs with the ambition of facilitating Rwandan farmers to increase their productivity and production, by apply new technologies in agriculture and be able to compete on the global market.

In addition,AgrIT provides agriculture extension services to the farmers in different areas of agriculture, and link farmers to the potential markets. This junction of knowledge and expertise makes AgrIT one of the tough and fast growing company in Rwanda as well as in the region.

Our Vision

The vision Agriculture and Information Technology Ltd (AgrIT) is to become a top technologically agriculture transforming entity by incorporating ICT in agriculture and boosting farmers’ livelihoods.


The mission of Agriculture and Information Technology Ltd (AgrIT) is to develop easy accessible and reliable agriculture based ICT tools and materials to improve agriculture extension, value chain& value addition and marketing of agricultural produce.

Our Team


Founder & CEO OF AgrIT

BIHINDA Jean Bosco

Founder & Administrative assistant


Founder & Head of unit of projects design and implementation

Ngendahimana Jules

Founder & Head of unit of Marketing and communication

Our Portfolio

AgrIT works on different projects in Rwanda

  • e-Farming

    e-Farming is mobile sofware application based on ussd code to provide agriculture information for guiding farmer3 in mordernization crop and link farmers with market.

  • Business establishment

    We help small farmers to raise business related agriculture

  • E-Commerce

    We have e-commerce for agriculture product

  • Agriculture consultancy

    We guid and consult daily agriculture activities

  • Agricultrue Training Technology

    We train agruculturist for new technology to boost and maintain their crop production

  • Farmers and Potential Market

    Linking farmers with potential market.

Our Services

AgrIT in area of intervention

Agriculture extension

Extension services deliverance on agriculture based ICT.


- Business planning (Business plan establishment)


Providing Consultancy Services for agricultural cooperatives.

Software Development

- Developing websites and software applications in Agriculture.

Software Customazation

Customize website based on Agriculture Business service

Mobile Application

Developing mobile Apps that provide online and offline agricultural information and marketing


e-Farming is ussd application designed to provide agriculture information and meet farmers with their market.

Training for farmers

WE free training for farmers based ICT Technology used in Agriculture.



Climate change is a real and present threat to African food security that is only set to get worse. Compounded with population growth, severe soil degradation across much of the continent, weak and disconnected markets, and limited access to up to date weather information, the situation could be very bleak. Better access to information through digital technology platforms however can help farmers to overcome some of these barriers to adaptation and growth.

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Professor of International Development, Imperial College London and Director of Agriculture for Impact.
Sir Gordon Conway

Farming is back-breaking labor. Literally. Most farmers in Africa today have very limited access to improved farming equipment or machinery, which means they use centuries-old tools such as the hand hoe and animal powered plows. And they don’t do this just for sport. But to be better businessmen and businesswomen, they need access to a variety of resources – finance, education, inputs – all of which can be provided or accelerated by the use of mobile money or agricultural extension platforms.

Testimonial images
Agriculture is not a way of life… Agriculture is a business.” President of the African Development Bank and former Minister of Agriculture, Nigeria
Akin Adesina

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