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As the backbone of most African economies and the livelihoods of the world’s poor, farmers are indeed, and always have been, agents of change. They just need a little encouragement, or the right types of supports and enabling environments. Favorable policies and regulatory frameworks that enable the use and penetration of mobile phone or internet usage in rural areas is a great start. Access to digital technology can make the distance between a remote farmer and the market even shorter than a straight line. Whereas many smallholders travel several hours by foot from most markets, mobile platforms can share market price information or connect farmers to buyers. In an instant and farmers can easily access necessary information related to good productivity.


Agriculture and Information Technology Ltd, is a company of professionals in agriculture and ICT created by some Agribusiness and computer& software engineering graduates. Upon completing their studies in University of Rwanda in two different colleges (College of Agriculture and Animal Sciences and College Science and Technology), they met and agreed to establish a company called AgrIT (Agriculture and Information Technology Ltd). The idea was generated on 4th August 2016 by four committed young entrepreneurs with the ambition of facilitating Rwandan farmers to increase their productivity and production, by apply new technologies in agriculture and be able to compete on the global market.

In addition,AgrIT provides agriculture extension services to the farmers in different areas of agriculture, and link farmers to the potential markets. This junction of knowledge and expertise makes AgrIT one of the tough and fast growing company in Rwanda as well as in the region.

Our Vision

The vision Agriculture and Information Technology Ltd (AgrIT) is to become a top technologically agriculture transforming entity by incorporating ICT in agriculture and boosting farmers’ livelihoods.


The mission of Agriculture and Information Technology Ltd (AgrIT) is to develop easy accessible and reliable agriculture based ICT tools and materials to improve agriculture extension, value chain& value addition and marketing of agricultural produce.

We create opportunities and high profit to small farmers

How AgrIT rate their activities

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Business Establishment

60% 60% Complete

Agriculture training

95% 95% Complete


80% 80% Complete

Innovative agriulture technology

100% 100% Complete

Agriculture Extension

70% 70% Complete
AgrIT Ltd is a company operating in Rwanda that focuses on providing agricultural extension services to farmers in different areas of agriculture and link farmers to the potential markets, and the company engaged in designing application software to be used in agriculture, agriculturalbusiness planning and consultancy services.
We provide extension services in agriculture and ICT sectors by putting more emphasis in agriculture based ICT.
Our intention is to become a top leading company with innovative technologies in agriculture production and ICT, for which farmers and other clients can depend upon to improve agriculture production as well as improving other sectors.
We recommend individual farmers or farmers’ cooperatives, organizations, institutions and other business entites engaged in agriculture or any other business to choose working with AgrIT Ltd because it offers innovative solutions to overcome the most pressing challenges farmers are facing.

Agriculture is not crop production as popular belief holds
it's the production of food and fiber from the world's land and waters.
Without agriculture it is not possible to have a city, stock market, banks, university, church or army. Agriculture is the foundation of civilization and any stable economy.

Our Team

We are happy to provice effective service to everyone and


Founder & CEO

BIHINDA Jean Bosco

Founder & Administrative Assistant


Founder & Head of unit of projects design and implementation


Founder & Head of unit of Marketing and communication

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